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one for you





One For You (author: Jung Yoonhee)

Part 1 | Part 2 (end) |


I'm in Love





I’m in love (author: Kim Hwayeon)

Prolog | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | …


my story on 14-4






My Story On 14-4 (author: Jung Yoonhee)
Prolog | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |


Arrogant (author: Cho Hyojin)

Prolog |….



One Shoot

Love, that one word cover


[Love, that one word]

(author: Kim Hwayeon)



starring eyes



[Starring Eyes]

(author: Park Eunhye)


teacher and i (new)



[Teacher and I]

(author: Cho Hyojin)


the present



[The Present]

(author:Cho Hyojin)


only for you


[Only for you]

(author: Cho Hyojin)






(author: Jung Yoonhee)


can i have your brother



[Can i have your brother?]

(author: Cho Hyojin)


christmas wish



[Christmas Wish]

(author: Park Eunhye)


When love change


[When love change]

(author: Jung Yoonhee)


i hate love you



[i hate love you]

(author: Cho Hyojin)


voodoo doll




(author: Jung Yoonhee)




(author: Park Eunhye)


birthday present



[Birthday present]

(author: Kim Hwayeon & Jung Yoonhee)


you are not mine but i'm yours



[You are not mine but i’m yours]

(author: Cho Hyojin)


my silent boy


[My Silent boy]

(author: Park Eunhye)


innocent couple



Innocent Couple

(author: Park Eunhye)


another love



Another Love

(author:Jung Yoonhee)


that trick



That Trick

(author: Cho Hyojin)


to my lovely daddy



To My lovely ‘Daddy’

(author: Cho Hyojin)


it's hard to say that i love you



It’s hard to say that I Love You

(author: Chyo Hyojin)


Avoid Me



Avoid Me

(author: Jung Yoonhee)






(author: Jung Yoonhee)






(author: Jung Yoonhee)




Because of dare

(author: Park Eunhye)


You’re not handsome, but damn sexy  (author: Cho Hyojin)

Meet You again (author: Cho Hyojin)

Too much love (author: Jung Yoonhee)

My Love (author: Kim Hwayeon)

It’s an accident (author: Jung Yoonhee)

I’m Your Fans (author: Jung Yoonhee)

I Always Love You (author: Cho Hyojin)

Catch Me (author: Kim Hwayeon)

Because of… (author: Jung Yoonhee)

Lots of Words (author: Park Eunhye)

Epilogue (author: Cho Hyojin)

My Lovely Boyrfriend (author: Kim Hwayeon)

Crazy Idea (author: Cho Hyojin)

It’s Okay, It’s Love (author: Kim Hwayeon)

Be Mine~ (author: Cho Hyojin)

Shhttt… (author: Jung Yoonhee)

First Love Story (author: Kim Hwayeon)

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